Service Provider FAQs

How easy is it for my business to use iFinance Tech?
You simply offer your client one of our application brochures. Once they send us their completed application form we contact them directly to set up the loan and then we email you a Financing Confirmation & Funds Request form to sign and send back for immediate payment. We then issue payment directly to you.
How does iFinance Tech benefit my business?
iFinance Tech allows you to offer the solution of affordable, low monthly payments, taking the 'sticker shock' off the cost of the purchase. You can increase your business by providing a payment option to those customers who need assistance.
How much paperwork is required by the Service Provider?
All the client finance documentation is done by iFinance Tech and signed by the borrower. Your only paperwork involves signing and returning the "Financing Confirmation & Funds Request" form for each payment you receive. This form is emailed to you and outlines the amount financed and the date of payment. That's all!
What is the minimum amount my customers can borrow?
There is no minimum. iFinance Tech has many programs to choose from to suit their needs.
How long does a customer finance approval take?
iFinance Tech is open 7 days a week to give immediate attention to all applications. If you have an urgent situation where an answer is needed in order for work to proceed, simply indicate the rush on the application and iFinance Tech will contact you immediately.
When do you pay the Service Provider?
As soon as all required documents are received by iFinance Tech, payments will be received within 48 hours.
How do I register?
Simply fill out our online request for a registration form or call 1‑888‑689‑9876 to request the registration form to be emailed to you.
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